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Provide the most comprehensive specialized vision assessments tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Offer a customized progressive training program to address the unmet visual needs of our patients.

Strive to maximize public education in the field of vision training, and help each patient to understand all aspects of vision development

Create an enjoyable, trustworthy, and engaging environment where patients can enhance their visual skills and experience all that vision can do!

Our Team is comprised of some of Barrie’s best optometrists and vision therapists. We are extremely passionate about what we do, and try to share our vocation by making vision training fun, stress-free and something you look forward to. Regardless of the shortcomings of your vision, we’re confident that there is always something we can do to help.
You can find us at:

740 Huronia Road, Unit 10
Barrie, ON, L4N 6C6
Phone: 705-737-0806
Fax: 705-734-9490

The Meaning Behind Our Name: Foveal Vision Training

The fovea is a label for part of the retina. It is a very important part of the retina and is responsible for sharp central vision (also called foveal vision), which is necessary for activities where visual detail is of primary importance, such as reading and writing.

Fovea size is relatively small, comprising less than 1% of retina, but the fovea is the only area of the retina where 20/20 vision is attainable. Approximately half of the nerve fibers in the optic nerve carry information from the fovea, while the remaining half carry information from the rest of the retina.

Eyesight is a measurement to determine whether a person can see 20/20. Vision is getting meaning out of what you are seeing. Having the ability to see 20/20 is a critical part of success in school, sports and life but it is just the beginning. The fovea provides great eyesight.

Foveal Vision Training will develop great vision.

We always strive to create an enjoyable, trustworthy, and engaging environment where patients can enhance their visual skills and experience all that vision can do!

Meet Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris SchellOptometrist
I wore glasses from a very young age. Started wearing contact lenses as a teenager. Had a very serious eye injury that threatened the vision in my right eye permanently. As an adult I went through LASIK eye surgery. When it comes to eyes I have personal experience both as a patient and as a doctor. I learned early in life that vision is a precious gift and cannot be taken for granted.

My interest in how vision works lead me to the University of Waterloo where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours. I was very fortunate to be accepted to the School of Optometry and pursue my Doctor of Optometry degree. In 2003 I graduated on the Dean’s Honour List.

After several years in private practice I found my training and tools were not enough to help all of my patients reach their potential. I love to learn. Becoming a member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and Optometric Extension Program Foundation I discovered the answer to why some of my patients still struggled despite having 20/20 eyesight. These two groups focus on educating practitioners and providing the resources to implement vision therapy into their clinics. I am passionate about vision therapy. Its power and possibilities are endless!

Outside of Foveal Vision Training, I am married to my beautiful wife, Jen, and we have 4 amazing young kids. We love being active. Spending time with family and friends keeps us busy!


Meet Cara

Cara CrawfordVision Therapy Administrator
I started wearing glasses at a very young age to help with light sensitivity. As I got older and technology changed I found that I needed my glasses more and more.

I attended Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough and spent almost 20 years working in the Social Service field. I was able to take some time away from my full-time work to stay at home and raise my 3 children. During this time, I was an active volunteer at their school engaging in many aspects of school life – organizing events, field trips, and helping with reading programs. One thing I always noticed was the number of children that are struggling with reading and learning.

One of my children is a graduate from the Foveal Vision Training program. This program requires commitment and home practice, but is also a lot of fun! I am so grateful for the difference it has made in my child’s life. Her grades have gone up, her confidence has increased, and she now has a passion for books that she never had before. She is wanting to try so many amazing things that she was never willing to do in the past! I am so proud to now be a part of such an incredible team here at Foveal Vision Training.

My husband, Clayton, and I have 3 incredible children. As a family we love spending time outside, swimming, camping, hiking, playing hockey, and curling.

Meet Amanda

Amanda FutersVision Therapist
As a teenager, I really started to notice a change in my vision. I always had 20/20 vision, but I started getting headaches when looking at the board in school. I visited my family optometrist and he prescribed low plus glasses. This helped a lot with my headaches, but I still had tracking and focusing issues. I certainly would have been a candidate for vision training if my parents were aware of this option.

I attended the University of Windsor where I studied Human Kinetics (Kinesiology), majoring in Movement Science. In 2013, I successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Honours degree in Human Kinetics. Shortly thereafter, I started working in the field of vision therapy, and in January 2015 I moved back to my hometown of Barrie and joined Dr. Chris Schell’s team at Foveal Vision Training!

I have successfully completed the Optometric Extension Program’s course curriculum in Vision Therapy. I have worked with many children with learning related visual dysfunctions, adults with visual problems, athletes looking to improve their visual skills, those with lazy eyes (amblyopia) and eye turns (strabismus), as well as head injury patients who require visual rehabilitation. I am very excited to continue my journey helping people reach their visual goals in the Barrie area.

My husband Austin and I love sports and spending quality time with friends and family. We especially enjoy golfing, fishing, and camping during our free time in the summer, as well as snowboarding and playing hockey in the winter.

Meet Laura

Laura EllisVision Therapist
I started wearing glasses at a very young age, and throughout the years my vision kept changing and I required stronger glasses. I am now a high myope and I feel this led me to my original career choice of becoming a Licensed Optician.

I began working for Dr. Chris Schell in June 2015 at his Optometric office. I graduated from the Opticianry program with honours at Georgian College in 2011. Prior to starting at Dr. Schell’s, I completed my internship at Huronia Opticial in Midland and continued working there after graduation for a total of 5 years.

Working with Dr. Schell opened my eyes to new opportunities and I was introduced to the world of vision therapy. I am very happy to have joined the team at Foveal Vision Training. I am excited to continue to help people with their vision, but in a new and exciting way. I work with children with learning related visual dysfunctions, adults with visual problems, athletes looking to improve their visual skills, as well as head injury patients who require visual rehabilitation.

My husband Eric and I bought our first home together in Barrie and love walking along the trails here with our dog, Mika. We also enjoy camping, snowboarding, boating, and spending time with our friends and family.

Meet Holly

Holly McDanielVision Therapist
Vision Therapy was a brand new start for me after running a home daycare for close to a decade. The skills I had developed over the years engaging and nurturing children now means I get to work one-on-one with incredible kids, helping them improve their vision, and working with them as they develop the visual skills necessary to navigate the world comfortably.

My own love of learning, reading, and travel has often meant I have had to learn new approaches to the world and created an openness to understanding people’s unique experiences. Without knowing it, all of these skills have proved essential to working with people of all types as they describe symptoms and experiences unique to themselves. Working for Dr. Schell has truly been a gift as I love this new chapter of helping others. As a self-described book worm some of the most incredible moments over the last two years has been hearing patients rediscover reading after a traumatic brain injury or for kids whose visual skills have always made reading a chore.

When not in the office my favourite things include cultivating my addiction to plants, digging in the garden, having outdoor camping adventures with my family, or curled up with a coffee, books, and pets.