Amblyopia (commonly known as ‘lazy eye’) is a result of decreased vision in one eye, causing an imbalance in the visual system. Naturally, one eye takes over the visual system, resulting in a “strong eye” and “weak eye”. To decrease symptoms, the brain typically shuts down or suppresses the weak eye to avoid double vision and other symptoms. Amblyopia usually occurs early on in life, and is caused by a dramatic prescription difference between the eyes, or, a misalignment of the eyes (strabismus).

Strabismus occurs when one or both eyes are turned in (esotropia), out (exotropia), up (hypertropia), or down (hyoptropia). Similar to amblyopia, the brain tends to shut down the turned eye to avoid visual stress. Vision therapy can be seen as a holistic approach to restoring the visual system, as patching and surgery alone are not effective. Therapy typically includes primitive reflexes, prism lenses, and self-awareness activities. It is important to exercise and train both eyes in monocular (one eye) and binocular (two eye) fields. Upon completion of vision therapy, patients will have better control of their eyes, depth perception, self-control, and coordination.

Did you Know? Amblyopia always occurs in childhood, generally in children younger than the age of three. The quicker it’s noticed the easier it is to treat.

Daniel is an 8 year old boy who came to the office for a yearly eye exam. During the exam, his behavioural optometrist noticed that his eyes were not working well together as a team. His parents mentioned that his writing had always been messy, and has always struggled with paying attention in the classroom. Being an active and energetic boy, his parents thought this was normal for his age. Daniel was booked for a specialized Vision and Learning assessment which showed that he had convergence excess, poor tracking for reading, decreased peripheral vision, and accommodative dysfunctions. The behavioural optometrist recommended a vision training program which would help increase all of his visual abilities. His parents could not believe the changes that took place while doing vision training. Daniel’s writing was not only legible for the first time in his life, but he was reading and comprehending faster than he ever had! He no longer struggled to keep up with homework. Engaging in a vision training program changed Daniel’s life for the better.
Daniel’s Story

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