The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Many people are curious about Vision Training, but are unsure as to what it actually helps them do.
Take a look below at the different types of Vision Therapy and the benefits each one offers.

Vision Therapy For Students

Put an end to the homework war!
Less hours spent doing homework, more time to play outside.

Tired of fighting with your child to open a book?
Get ready to see your child reading for fun!

Imagine going from “I can’t” to “I can!”

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Vision Training creates happier, more active and more creative minds!

Vision Therapy For Strabismus/Amblyopia

Change clumsy, uncoordinated and not good at sports into controlled,
coordinated and loves to play!
Gain more friends and learn new skills.

Improve depth perception.
Make riding a bike, a scooter or whatever a breeze!

Enter the world of 3D. Experience movies, TV and gaming in a whole new way!
Feel like you are part of the action.

Worried about self-confidence because your eyes don’t look straight?
Become confident in how you look and how others look at you.

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Have better control of your eyes, depth perception, self-control,
and coordination.

Vision Therapy For Brain Injury

Afraid to go to shopping malls or large department stores because of the chaos of movement and bright lights?
Imagine being able to become an active part of the world again.

Feeling like an alien exploring a new world?
Not sure what your brain and eyes are telling you?
Vision rehabilitation helps guide your entire body along the path of recovery.

Tired of suffering from double vision, headaches and words moving on the page?
Remember what it was like to read without effort and being able to remember
what it was you just read.

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Vision Training helps put the pieces of our visual world back together.

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