Binocular Vision Dysfunctions

Binocular Vision is the ability to use both eyes together as a controlled coordinated team. Binocular vision involves each eye taking a picture of what is seen and sending that information to the brain for processing. The brain puts the two images together to create a full, three dimensional image. Well-functioning binocular vision involves both eyes and the brain.

Binocular vision dysfunctions occur when they eyes are unable to aim at the same target, unable to track left and right together, cannot follow a target inward and outward, focus inaccurately, cannot judge distances between objects or perceive depth. Often, the person may be able to use these important visual skills for a short period of time, but having good binocular function is having the ability to sustain these skills over a longer period without effort.

Children may have reading and learning difficulties or problems with sports and coordination because of an underlying binocular vision problem. Adults also suffer from binocular vision problems that can affect their ability to engage in near tasks required for work, such as prolonged computer use.

We specialize in teaching individuals of any age how to develop and enhance their binocular vision.

Did you Know? Binocular vision dysfunctions occur in both
children and adults.

After Vision Therapy Sarah’s eye tracking has improved dramatically. She is now able to read a book without the words/letters “jumping” around. Also, she can now read from the blackboard without straining her eyes. She rarely gets headaches anymore. Sarah finally got the help she needed!
Sarah’s Story

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