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Head Injuries

Vision therapy can benefit those who have sustained a brain or head injury resulting from various types of incidents (i.e. MVA, concussions, stroke, etc.). There are multiple vision problems that can arise from a brain injury, and may seriously affect a person’s quality of life. Typically, double vision, light sensitivity, balance and coordination, and visual field loss are at the forefront of vision symptoms occurring in brain injury patients.

Behavioural Optometrists, like Dr. Chris Schell, look beyond the health and physical structure of the eye during a Brain Injury Vision Assessment. Detecting and recognizing how the brain injury is affecting the visual system can help determine ways to rehabilitate and improve visual stressors. 32 cortical brain centers are associated with vision, making vision symptoms common in most brain injury patients.

32 cortical brain centers are associated with vision.

After the car accident I experienced daily constant headaches, poor reading comprehension, and tracking issues. This made completing my Master’s degree extremely tedious, painful, and slow. Over the course of vision training, my eyes learning to work together lessened my headaches, eyestrain, and increased my reading comprehension. There is marked improvement that substantially increased my productivity and ability to move forward with my degree. Vision training has given me back the ability to be independent and to start functioning as normal as possible. This has increased my confidence and hope for the future. This process gave me the guidance and tools I needed to continue forward in my healing, rather than feeling frustrated.
Patti S.
Vision training has helped decrease feelings of nausea when I read, write, or move. It has given me some sort of hope that symptoms will improve. It has allowed me to feel empowered by being able to work on daily activities to strive to improve, instead of being a passive recipient of my injuries.
Josyane H.

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