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Sports Vision

Athletes must have critical vision skills to be able to effectively pass a puck up the ice, shoot a basketball in the net, or hit a home run. Sports vision is highly associated with hand-eye coordination, tracking, peripheral vision, reaction time, and dynamic visual acuity. Vision is an important skill for athletes, no matter their sport. Sports Vision Therapy is customized to the specific sport and gives athletes the ability to perform at a higher level. Many professional athletes have noted how heavily they rely on their visual system to perform.

“I think you just have to trust your instincts and that’s where, you know, you practice, you create those habits that it just becomes automatic. Most of the stuff is peripheral vision- you might see one guy one second out of the corner of your eye, and based on where he’s moving, you’re just kind of doing the math in your head where he might end up- and that’s just how you make plays”

Jonathan Toews

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